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The Division 6 Special Investigations Unit conducts investigations of all different types of  incidents.  There is no case that the Division 6 Special Investigation Unit will not investigate. We are known as one of the best options when it comes to Private Investigations and our highly qualified investigators have backgrounds ranging from former military operatives, law enforcement, and former intelligence operatives. We have team members that speak multiple languages and come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and all of our team members are dedicated to each one of our clients and their individual needs.

The Mission

The mission of the Division 6 Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is to close cases through utilizing Intelligence and Technology in the pursuit of Justice. We do this by providing the highest quality investigative support to the all of our clients. Our goal is to conduct timely and thorough investigations while using the most advanced investigative techniques.

Central Intelligence Center

The Central Intelligence Center is the source of all of our information. The CIC holds all systems, databases, and programs that we use in our research to close all cases. The staff at the CIC are trained on all the systems; Private, Public, Criminal, and any other system that is available to top Private Investigators in our field of expertise.



Chief Director of Investigation Terrance  Sanders and his team are experts in covert surveillance. Through intelligently using the latest technologies, they have provided their corporate clients with the highest quality in effective surveillance, both video and still imagery photography whenever necessary. The Division 6 Special Investigations Unit has some of the best Private Investigators in the field.

Background Investigations and Criminal History

It is becoming more apparent in business and industry that people are not always as qualified as they claim to be. They also may have a past history of criminal or inappropriate behaviors. Before hiring your next employee, contact Division 6 Special Investigations Unit to provide a complete high level background check to ensure that the person you are trusting with your business is qualified, capable, and has no history that prevents them from performing the job you may hire them for. If you need a thorough background Investigation done, let Division 6 Special Investigations Unit show you why our clients claim that we are the best private investigators in the field.

Attorney Resource

An attorney and their client can benefit from hiring the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit for litigation support services. Let Division 6 conduct the appropriate due diligence and investigative research, which could prove absolutely crucial in preparing a successful case for trial. Included in our services are:

  • Witness Locating and Screening
  • Witness Interviewing and Statement Recording
  • Background Investigations
  • Photography Services
  • Service of Process
  • Identification of Expert Witnesses
  • Court Records Searches and Retrieval

Employee Theft

Unfortunately, there are sometimes those employees that will and do steal in a variety of ways from their employer. Do you suspect an employee of pocketing money or giving unauthorized discounts to their friends? Have your accounting reports been telling you something that there may be something you need to know about your on-staff bookkeeper that you just can’t put your finger on?

Protect yourself from unproductive employees, time wasters, internet surfers and social website addicts. Using your company’s time for any of these activities is all a form of corporate theft. Our services also include loading dock surveillance and employee decoys for observation of internal affairs. Our versatility to suit your needs in corporate loss prevention is all part of what makes us some of the best Private Investigators in our field.

Insurance Fraud

Find out why top rated insurance firms use Division 6 when they suspect that a claimant is committing fraud. Division 6 will thoroughly review documents and depositions to assist in determining the best course of action for a quick settlement and expose fraudulent criminals with our thorough investigative practices . In addition to surveillance, the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit will conduct extensive Deep Web Internet research to mine for pertinent information and evidence in regards to the claimant’s current lifestyle and hobbies, which can be used to prove false or exaggerated claims. Our dedication to our work is why many satisfied clients say that we are the best Private Investigators in the field.

Workers’ Compensation

When accidents happen in the workplace, a company can lose an employee for a period of time, which can be costly and disruptive to the business. Thorough surveillance methods can insure that the time and benefits paid out to an employee are justified and reasonable. Our dedication to investigation makes us the best Private Investigators to investigate workers’ compensation for your valuable business.

Tenant Screening

Your investment property is an asset that needs to be protected. Know who you are renting to by contacting the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit to provide you information on a prospective tenant’s pay history, credit scores, previous evictions, background, liens and judgments. When you have a clear picture of a tenant’s character and history before you sign a lease, you will save time, money and the headache of legal expenses later. Our commitment to thorough screening using multiple verification systems ensures that the Private Investigators of the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit will uncover even the most well-hidden secrets a potentially problematic tenant may not want to disclose.

Skip Tracing and Asset Recovery

The Division 6 Special Investigations Unit conducts nationwide location services for missing persons or absentee debtors. Whether you are looking for a litigation witness or a dead-beat parent, our hands-on investigators provide personal service in assisting you to locate the person in question and we will provide you with their current address and contact information.

Do you suspect that your debtor has the means to make good on judgments, but is hiding assets? Let the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit help you locate real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, and brokerage accounts, all of which can be used to collect on a claim. We can also work for you to locate assets that may have been stolen from you such as automobiles and boats and certain other high value items that are registered in your name. Our thorough investigative techniques and commitment to resolving all issues for you are the reason that we are the best Private Investigators for your needs.


Professional screening can be performed on a local or nationwide search of public filings for any bankruptcies. The Division 6 Special Investigations Unit can perform tax liens for state, county, and federal liens, small claims,  and municipal judgments. Additionally, property notices of default or foreclosures can be verified. Choose the experts who can give you the hard facts when it counts most. Chose the dedicated Private Investigators of the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit.

Cheating Spouses

Do you have suspicions that your spouse is not entirely honest with you about their whereabouts and who they are with? There are many clues to infidelity and knowing what signs to look for is often the first step in discovering the truth. The Division 6 Special Investigations Unit specializes in educating our clients on what to look for in a cheating spouse and we will help you find the truth and evidence that you need to put your mind to rest. Our surveillance team uses the latest technologies including social media infiltration, GPS tracking, and decoys that can blend into a person’s world without them even knowing it. Our dedication to giving you the answers and closure that you deserve are why our clients say that Division 6 has the best Private Investigators in the field.

Family Matters

Child Custody/Child Support

The welfare of children is always of our utmost concern. In a divorce situation or separation, the parent awarded custody may not be suitable as the primary caregiver. In some cases, even visitation may not be appropriate. The other parent may have started dating someone with a questionable past or possible criminal background, or may be using a baby sitter who might not be fit to care for your child. Private Investigators of the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit can inconspicuously follow the other parent during their planned visitation to determine if illicit or inappropriate activity is going on while your child is in the other parent or caregivers care. Our investigators can also follow and videotape the other parent or caregiver on their free time to document and investigate their lifestyle, daily activities, living conditions, and persons they may associate with.

A change in circumstances may also warrant a change in child support payments. If you suspect that the award of the court ordered child support that you are to receive does not accurately reflect the other parent’s ability to pay, or that the financial circumstances of that parent have changed for the better, Private Investigators from the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit will document the necessary evidence of lifestyle, income, and assets needed to build a case to substantiate your claim. Our dedication to ensuring that you and your child get what is due to you is why members of the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit are some of the most reliable Private Investigators in the field.

Teen Troubles

Teen Trace (tracing the activities of your teenage son or daughter) has become ever increasingly important for parents who want to discreetly monitor their teen’s activities. Whether you are concerned with drug use, gang violence, peer-pressure, or location based conflicts, the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit can provide you with the necessary truths to keep your teen safe. From deep penetration on social websites to surveillance, The Private Investigators of the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit can help you be a more proactive parent and put your mind at ease. Call today to put together a plan to monitor your teen’s behavior and prevent your teen from becoming a statistic.

Pre-Marital Investigations

In today’s fast paced world of dating, the rules have changed and with the myriad of on-line dating services and sites not everyone is who they say they are. The Division 6 Special Investigations Unit can perform comprehensive background investigations to make sure your new date (or the date of a loved one or friend) does not have anything in their past that they are not revealing that may be reason for concern. Sometimes that bad feeling about a loved one’s significant other is completely justified. Find out the truth for your peace of mind and to protect the safety and future of your loved ones. Our dedication to discreet and thorough investigative techniques makes our Private Investigators the best team to protect the security of your loved ones.


In some cases, proof of cohabitation can be a sufficient ground to reduce or terminate alimony. By way of surveillance and other investigative means, the Private Investigators of the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit can determine whether your ex-spouse has established a common residence with a new partner and is benefiting economically from that relationship. Our qualified Private Investigators will work hard to save you time and money and provide you with the evidence that you need.

Adoptions/Family Locates/Missing Persons

If you were adopted and are now trying to locate your birth family, or if you have lost touch with a family member, the Private Investigators of the Division 6 Special Investigations Unit will complete a professional and discreet search to find the individuals you have been searching for.  We believe that our Private Investigators can find even those people who you might think can never be found.

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  • Surveillance
  • Infidelity/Cheating Spouse
  • Background Checks
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Criminal / Civil Investigations
  • Criminal History Checks /Driving History Nationwide
  • Asset Checks
  • Bank Account Locates - Nationwide & International*


  • Civil Litigation History
  • Locate People/Witnesses ("Anyone, Anywhere!")
  • Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Missing Persons
  • Interviews & Recorded Statements / EUO's
  • Self Background Checks
  • Social Media Reputation Checks
  • Email / IP Address Identification
  • Driving History Records - Vehicle Tag Information


  • Brokerage Account Locates
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Alimony Reduction Investigations
  • Employee Dishonesty / Fraud
  • Legal Investigations
  • Phone Number Identification - Cellular & Landline
  • Business Background Checks
  • Corporate/Internal Investigations